Aiming to provide reliable customs clearance services in accordance with legal and ethical values ​​in each sector, Asay Customs Consultancy offers customs clearance solutions in integrated processes with the aim of adding strategic value to the supply chain.

 It fulfills its customers’ legal obligations regarding customs clearance on behalf of them fully and completely and concludes the import and export transactions in the fastest way with standardized processes and expert consultancy staff. Asay Customs Consultancy ; It aims to make a difference with its technological solutions, human resources and working culture and to enable its business partners to focus on their own work by providing benefits.

Asay Customs Consultancy

Import Services

It is the purchase of a good produced abroad by the buyers in the country. Import can be defined as the opposite of export. Import, which is one of the most important headings of foreign trade data, provides the foreign trade balance of a country with exports.

Asay Customs Consultancy

Export Services

Exporting is the sale of a good produced in a country to foreign countries in exchange of foreign currency. Export can also be defined as the opposite of imports. Export, one of the most important headings of foreign trade data, provides a country’s foreign trade balance with imports

Asay Customs Consultancy

Transit Services

Based on the favorable difference between the purchase invoice and the sales invoice, the goods purchased by the real or legal person transit merchant that are of foreign or Turkish origin and sold abroad (including free zones) are either in transit or directly under the provisions of the import and export regime. Refers to being sold to another country or to the same country (including free zones).

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Asay Customs Consultancy

Road Services

Road transport is a type of transportation that allows products to be delivered to the desired place, at the desired time, safely, quickly and securely. It is a transportation way that has some advantages such as being faster compared to other transportation types due to the fact that it allows transportation without the need for transportation between the starting and destination points, and it is cheaper than other alternative transportation systems, especially in short distance transportation.

Asay Customs Consultancy

Seaway Services

Compared to air transport, which is the most expensive form of transport, sea transport is 3.5 times cheaper than rail and 7 times cheaper than road transport. Therefore, the preference rate of the sea route is higher. It allows a large number of goods to be transported at once and is safe. Sea transport, which makes it possible to reach every region of the world, is made in two types, tramp and liner. This transport has one disadvantage that it is slower than the airway or the railroad.

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Asay Customs Consultancy

Airline Services

It is a means of transportation that takes a shorter time than other means of transport and has a higher unit cost compared to other means of transport. Air transport is one of the most ideal ways of transporting valuable goods and perishable goods for long distances and is therefore often preferred for export and import.

Asay Customs Consultancy

Warehouse Services

The warehouse is called the places that are established to place the goods under customs supervision and the conditions and qualifications to be sought in the establishment are determined by the regulation. In addition, warehouses are a customs order where the goods can stay indefinitely if they are placed as regulated in the customs legislation, and the taxes are not paid during the time the goods remain in the warehouse.

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Asay Customs Consultancy

Temporary Storage Services

It is a service that provides temporary storage services such as a warehouse in the places where the vehicles stop, approach or land, which is designed to protect the goods from all kinds of external factors and interference.

Asay Customs Consultancy

Free Storage Services

Free storage is a storage service also known as temporary storage. It is the process of storing the goods arriving in the Turkish customs area and not in free circulation until they are made available after the customs approval is obtained.

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